Aldorien Leranthirr

Elven diviner


A well dressed, educated and brilliant mind residing in an elven scholar. While polite, Aldorien doesn’t hold a high opinion of humans and their intellectual capacity. He has for now allied with his three companions in order to investigate the death of the professor.


Aldorien is the son of the relatively rich and recognised elven nobility; The Leranthirrs, currently residing in Waterdeep. Magic has always run strong in their blood but it was not the original call of Aldorien.
He was signed up on one of Waterdeep’s most recognised academies and made great progress in several fields, especially zoologi and the study of strange and rare beings in Faeruns. From an early age he studied old books and tales of aberrations and magical beasts. He especially liked those that had never been seen and thus held great interest for the academical world.

Here he met professor Lorrimor who shared his passion for these beings. They worked together for several months and did a lot of research. Lorrimor also managed to challenge some of Aldorien’s old prejudices about humans who he often held strong opinions about. The professor was, unlike other humans he had met, a brilliantly gifted being. He shortly after took up magic as a way to defend himself, once he would set out into the big world to further his research.

The news of the professor’s dead arrived shortly after, and in sadness Aldarion decided to attend his old friend’s funeral.

Aldorien Leranthirr

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