Edgar Theobald

the human cleric


Edgar was born and raised in the city of Ordulin, Sembia. He has, however, been on the road for his entire life. He’s in the early 40’es but somehow manages to look a lot older due to his worn out looks. He oftens smokes and carries around a rusty hip flask.

Since his youth, Edgar has been fascinated by the power of construction and creating various gadgets and inventions. It’s his lot in life since he appears to have an uncanny knack for it. He was illuminated by the teachings of Gond but ultimately his divine relation is more a practical teaching than ethical guidelines. Edgar is quite liberal, both feet planted solidly on the ground. But he often has good intentions, even though he may appear harsh and stern.


Edgar’s mission in life is to search out new technology and inventions in the name of Gond. Hopefully inventions that will benefit all the good of everyone. On the other hand, Edgar doesn’t see the point in art, poetry and other cultural values. When relaxing, he mostly resorts to gambling and drinking.A good sherry, in particular.
It is also through this that Edgar made friends with Professor Lorrimor about 20 years ago. As he was in Leipidstat to do some repairs, he fell into conversation with the curious professor, who also appeared to appreciate a good brandy when he saw it. Edgar was invited to visit Ravengro and did so over the years.

A particular night, during which Edgar got quite lucky, he won the Professor’s dearest possession; a golden bottle of sherry named “The Fallen Angel”-brand. Having pity on his opponent, Edgar told the Professor to keep it till he visited town again. This was five years ago, and when Edgar heard of the Professor’s death, he immediately went for Ravengro in order to attend the funeral and visit his daughter Kendra. And of course, lay claim to the golden bottle.

Edgar Theobald

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