the halfling rogue/wizard


Grendell is a short, stocky and ever optimistic halfling. He loves meeting new people, making new friends, and in general feels that it’s up to him to keep up the good spirit of the group. Some times it’s sadly neccesary to slit some throats in order to keep up the good spirit. But that’s a sacrifice Grendell is willing to make.


Grendell grew up the mountains around Ustalav. He was abandoned as a child, but by whom nobody knows. He carries no possessions to remember them by. In fact, his earliest memory is waking up below a huge feathery body with an eagle’s head and a tail. It was a griffon that had adopted him and took good care of him during his early years.

One day while out walking he found an interesting cave and decided to explore it. He noticed a weird creature with tentacles attacking an old man. Trying to get a better view, Grendell climber higher but accidently caused a minor cave-in, burying the tentacled creature below him. The old man presented himself as professor Lorrimor and thanked Grendell for his heroic deed and during the following years, he often helped the old man exploring the wilds and registrating flora and fauna.

One day he recieved a letter in the griffon’s nest that the Professor had died and was to be buried soon. In a slightly bad mood, Grendell headed towards Ravengro in order to show his respect.


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