Vincent Cromagikus ”Magiker Le Exstrodinare”

Human Sorcerer, Arcana Bloodline.


A flamboyant young man, wearing several flashy trinkets, necklaces, rings and a colorful robe with a pointy hat. He is very outspoken, has a fondness for the local town-girls and tends to cling to his staff. A strange, richly decorated, item that seems strangely out of place on the young sorceror. He often changes the subject when asked about it.


Vincent originates from the small town of Archen in Sembia. He was a curious boy, very interested in heroes and special magical items. He used quite some time with the local town wizard, who quickly noticed the special abilities of the young child. The old wizard, Faladorn, helped Vincent to Saerloon where he was to recieve schooling and discipline.

This suited the boy nicely, as he was growing bored with the trivial trinkets of the old loony man. Maybe people here would actually understand how to utilize their power.
In school, Vincent charmed his way through the years. He stole, lied and managed quite well. However, he made more and more enemies who all saw him for what he was. His only ally, the old professor Lorinimus took him under his wing, and made sure no harm would come to the boy as long as he was in sight. Especially against Dendrion, another teacher from the school who fiercely insisted that Vincent had cast a spell on him in order to improve his grades.

One night, Vincent was helping Lorinius out with an experiment and gained acces to the old wizard’s vault. In there he found a magnificent staff, looking ancient as time itself.
It radiated magic and he felt the temptation like never before. In front of his very eyes the staff smelted the glass around itself, resting defenselessly on its platform.
Vincent snapped and snatched it. The old man quickly realized what had happened and began shouting and casting spells at a rapid pace, but the boy stashed as much magical treasure as possible from the nearby shelves and then disappeared in a flash of light. He showed up, a moment later, on the border of Ravengro. He made a short stop there, sold his items, and met with Professor Lorrimor.

Now, several years later, he has once again been called by the Professor’s daughter, Kendra. The history of the staff is yet unknown.

Vincent Cromagikus ”Magiker Le Exstrodinare”

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